Samsung to improve fingerprint scanner security by 2.5 billion times by 2025

Po messages network sources, the South Korean company Samsung is working to improve the security of fingerprint scanners used in modern smartphones and tablets. If now scanners integrated into the screen area are capable of reading a single fingerprint, then in the future Samsung intends to create more advanced models that can simultaneously read fingerprints of several fingers. This will make the technology much more reliable and secure.

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According to the source, Samsung plans to prepare the technology for simultaneous scanning of multiple fingerprints for use in smartphones within two years. Recall that a few months ago at the IMID event, Samsung announced the development of a universal solution for fingerprint recognition, designed for use in next-generation displays (OLED 2.0). It is expected that this technology will allow Samsung smartphones and tablets to simultaneously read multiple fingerprints. The report said that the technology giant plans to start implementing this technology in 2025.

According to Samsung Display, using three fingerprints at the same time for authentication is 2.5 billion times more secure than scanning just one finger. Beyond this obvious benefit, Samsung’s technology will work across the entire surface of the display, rather than just a portion of it. Users of Samsung smartphones and tablets will no longer have to worry about placing their fingers in the right place for authentication, as the entire screen area can act as a scanner.

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