Samsung unveils a folding screen for around $ 2000


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics unveiled a new $ 2,000 smartphone with a folding screen in an attempt to outperform Apple and Chinese rivals and attract consumers' attention after a drop in sales.

Samsung is launching the new Galaxy FULL on April 26, taking advantage of the fastest growing fifth-generation communication networks. The new device looks like a traditional smartphone, but opens like a book to reveal the screen size of a small 7.3-inch tablet PC.

Said DA CEO of Samsung Electronics in San Francisco, said the device "responds to the skeptics who have stated that there is nothing left to do in this area … we are here to prove that they are wrong".

Samsung remains the largest smartphone maker in the world, accounting for about a fifth of the world market, but suffered a sharper decline compared to the general market crash last year.

Analysts predict that Apple will not be able to match the new Samsung phone before the end of next year.

Although its 1980 price is very high, some consumers who love the products of the company declare themselves willing to pay the price.

Samsung has also presented several accessories to compete with Apple, as wireless headphones nicknamed "Galaxy Padz" can also be sent wirelessly, a function promised by Apple to wear the earphones, but not yet.

The fifth generation networks are expected to be ten times faster than the previous generation, which will improve the experience of watching live news and sports games.

Prepared by Salma Najm for publication in Arabic – by Ahmed Elhamy



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