Samsung wants Samsung to be the smart and connected kitchen of the present

In 2016, Samsung announced what was then still strange for many. A refrigerator designed to be integrated into the connected house that allows its use for more than just storing food. It was the Samsung RF9500K, an interactive refrigerator with a huge screen 21.5 inches on the front side to interact with the refrigerator.

A fridge with Wi-Fi and a screen? What then seemed crazy, today is more usual than ever. A smart fridge that allowed you to order food automatically directly at the supermarket through a huge touch screen on your entrance door as a control interface that is now being renewed. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Samsung presented the new Family Hub.

The new range of Samsung connected refrigerators allows access to more features via its touch screen and the hardware which incorporates. It therefore offers voice recognition technology or access to music and radio transmission, improvements made with advanced features of Artificial Intelligence and IoT thanks to Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant.

A more proactive and more conversational Bixby, allowing a more natural interaction now. Bixby offers more services and features. We can ask you to reflect a call that we receive on your mobile, ask a Uber to look for recipes that fit your tastes and the new Bixby will respond with suggestions.

Source | Samsung


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