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Samsung’s new 2023 smart display lineup is equipped with a series of innovative technologies to achieve excellent picture quality, sound performance and practicality. Samsung’s new Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED smart display models have been tested by global critics since March, and they have aroused heated discussions. It is obvious that the 2023 product lineup is extremely popular.

With evolved features and innovations, Samsung 2023 Smart Display sets a new benchmark for high-end displays. The following is a recap of the key points of the review.

▼List of selected articles (arranged in alphabetical order of each article)

[Neo QLED 8K] Techaeris, Techradar
[Neo QLED 4K] Newsweek, T3, Trusted Reviews
[OLED] HD Guru, Home Cinema Choice, Sound & Vision
[Q Symphony] Trusted Reviews

Neo QLED 8K injects future-looking avant-garde experience into users’ home entertainment life

▲ Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart Display

Samsung Neo QLED 8K adopts industry-leading screen technology, rewriting new industry standards every year. Combining the latest video upscaling technology and advanced features, the Neo QLED 8K image quality has been praised for many years in a row, and the 2023 lineup has won rave reviews as always.

The Neo 8K Quantum AI Smart Processor (Neural Quantum Processor 8K), which dominates many neural networks and algorithms, is the core technology that creates the stunning Neo QLED 8K screen. The SoC uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to ensure that every detail on the screen is perfect. Combined with the application of Neo Quantum Matrix Pro technology, it can achieve extremely precise backlight control, making the bright part dazzling and the dark part deep.

such asTechaeriand other mediaThe Neo QLED 8K was highly praised. The report mentioned that “the 75-inch 8K Samsung QN900C Neo QLED TV is an excellent smart display” and included it in the “2023 Top Choice” list. The media pointed out: “Samsung QN900C is an excellent choice if you want to inject future-looking avant-garde colors into your personal entertainment space.”

TechRadarHe also appreciated the image upscaling technology of Neo QLED 8K (QN900C), and pointed out: “Samsung’s top-level 8K smart display has extremely delicate and amazing images”, which is mainly due to its Neo Quantum AI high-efficiency processor (Neural Quantum Processor). The article commented: “During the actual measurement, I was dumbfounded several times. Of course, not every monitor tested is so touching.” (TechRadar02/2023)

Neo QLED 4K for True Colors and Sharp Contrast

Based on the technological progress of the Neo QLED 8K lineup, Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 4K smart display uses true 4K resolution to create breath-taking visual effects and has become the darling of media coverage.

The screen technology adopted by the QN95C allows consumers to enjoy an excellent movie viewing experience regardless of the viewing content, thus winningNewsweekIts report mentioned: “Samsung 65QN95C is an extremely bright and feature-rich 4K smart display, which combines the most respected functions of gamers and drama fans.” The review also pointed out: “Samsung QN95C is the most One of the best smart displays out there, it delivers OLED-like deep blacks and excellent performance when gaming or streaming media.”

T3awardedQN95C received the “Platinum Award” and gave the product the highest five-star rating. When comparing the product with other screens, T3 commented: “Samsung QN95C’s superb picture quality performance is comparable to any OLED on the market.” (T3, 03/2023)

Trusted Reviewswill alsoComparing the QN95 with other smart displays on the market, it emphasized: “The QE65QN95C uses local dimming technology to control the brightness of the backlight. No other LCD TV on the market can match it.” The publication also praised the smart display’s quantum matrix Technology, and explained: “Samsung’s new Mini LED smart display has taken it to a higher level, greatly expanding the dimming area to create a magnificent visual effect.”

Neo QLED 4K Smart Display combines “Neo 4K Quantum AI Smart Processor” and “Quantum Matrix Technology” to display wonderful details and extraordinary contrast. The strong strength in the field of dimming and power management has pushed the picture quality to a new level.”

Neural Quantum Processor 4K Technology Blessing, Achieve Game-Changing OLED Experience

▲ Samsung OLED Smart Display

It is one of Samsung’s missions to provide consumers with a variety of home monitors to meet the diverse needs of individuals. Samsung’s latest TV and smart display product lineup provides a full range of high-end screen options, designed for every consumer and every use situation, including the 2023 OLED smart display that presents vivid picture quality, fine black levels, and vivid colors series.

Samsung’s OLED smart display can achieve amazing peak brightness without compromising black level performance at all, and maintains excellent contrast ratio, which is due to advanced processing technology.HD GuruIn its comments, it is pointed out that Samsung’s new S95C not only greatly improves the brightness, but also maintains 100% color gamut space.In addition, the superb color performance of the S95C has also been awardedHome Cinema ChoiceIt was highly praised by the company, and it was selected as the “Best Buy” product, and the following comment was made: “The brightness level is better than before, and the color is full of visual tension, but it does not affect the black level performance at all, and it lives up to everyone’s expectations. High expectations for OLED technology.”

Samsung OLED Smart Display also maintains the core advantages of OLED technology, and at the same time, with its Neural Quantum Processor 4K technology, it successfully overcomes the inherent limitation of OLED brightness.Sound & VisionHe pointed out: “The 77-inch S95C combines the vividness of quantum dot OLED, professional-grade color accuracy, and extremely fast gaming performance. “To create a smart display that can be used out of the box and can reproduce the original concept that the creator wants to convey, it takes a long time to refine, and it is the masterpiece of the times that everyone is looking forward to.”

The magic sound field and Sound Remastering compose a good sound together to create an immersive sound field effect

▲ The back speaker of Samsung Neo QLED (QN900C)

In order to create theater-level home entertainment, in addition to lifelike and beautiful picture quality, rich and immersive sound effects also play an important role. Samsung has a comprehensive 2023 product lineup to meet the ardent needs of consumers.

Samsung 2023 Smart Display adopts innovative technologies such as Adaptive Sound+, and uses AI technology to readjust every sound effect object to ensure that all audio is clear and pure, and the volume is just right. It also inherits the magic sound field technology, and uses AI technology to enhance the harmonious linkage between its built-in speakers and external soundbar.

Samsung’s 2023 smart display lineup has been unanimously recognized by the outside world for its immersive sound effects, such asTrusted ReviewsOther media commented: “This year’s QE65QN95C is also equipped with an upgraded version of the magic sound field that incorporates AI technology, making its built-in speakers more closely linked with the Samsung soundbar, creating a wider and more detailed sound field.”Trusted ReviewsGive this monitor a “strongly recommended” rating and give the highest five stars.

Samsung has been crowned the global sales champion for 17 consecutive years, and will continue to lead the transformation of the industry in the future to consolidate its position.For more details on Samsung’s 2023 TV and smart display lineup, please refer to the official website description

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