Samsung's single-chip systems with AMD Radeon graphics will be released in two years


A couple of months ago, Samsung Electronics and AMD announced the launch of a strategic partnership in the field of graphics. The South Korean giant has licensed Radeon Technologies Group developments, in particular the RDNA architecture, for use in single-chip mobile systems, as well as other products that complement AMD's offer. Put simply, those market segments that have been ignored by the "reds".

Samsung AMD

During a second quarter financial results conference, Samsung confirmed that its AMD Radeon graphics technology plans go beyond the mobile SoC. The company expects that this partnership will have a beneficial effect on the competitiveness and speed of its other proposals. What kind of products in question, unfortunately, are not specified.


First of all, AMD's intellectual property will be applied in Samsung Exynos single-chip systems for smartphones. The South Korean giant predicts that the first SoC with graphics similar to the discreet Radeon GPU will debut in two years. We recall that thanks to this transaction, Advanced Micro Devices has acquired another source of income in the form of regular deductions from Samsung.




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