Samu du Nord, symbol of a resumption of the epidemic among young people

The Northern Samu is receiving more and more calls from young people for suspected coronavirus. The situation in the department is prompting the authorities to think about tightening up health measures. A choice that could be avoided if young people took more precaution.


Do the calls to Samu du Nord testify to a new peak in coronavirus contamination? This is what worries the North Regional Health Agency, which is discussing with the Ministry of Health the possibility of make it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors, due to the health situation. In this department, bordering on Belgium, the coronavirus is still present and calls to the Samu have multiplied in recent days for suspicions of contamination with the virus. About fifty calls a day against five to ten two weeks ago.

New contaminations, especially among young people

And the increase in cases does not concern the oldest but 15-45 years. “We have more and more young subjects who call us, who have no particular health problem, but who have symptoms of covid19, fatigue, fever and cough” testifies GrĂ©gory, assistant of medical regulation. For Roch Joly, deputy head of the Samu service, this is due to a lack of precaution. “This age group does not protect itself well and it is they who participate in the propagation that we are currently experiencing. There is background noise in the other departments of Hauts-de-France but more marked in the North” , he explains.

According to him, “they are the ones who will bring the disease back to their loved ones, they will bring it back to their aunt, to their mother, … Typically we have contaminations which occur in marriages. We do not put on masks. for marriage, of course, and that’s really where we make a big mistake. ” This emergency physician therefore calls for vigilance, to respect barrier gestures and to wear a mask. Because it is not too late according to him to slow down the return of the epidemic.

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