93 murders: Samuel Little is the worst serial killer in the United States

For at least 35 years, Samuel Little could be murdered in the United States unmolested. Now the 79-year-old has confessed 93 of his deeds to the FBI.

An undated photo of the US criminal authorities shows Samuel Little. The 79-year-old convicted of murder has previously committed a total of 93 murders.

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93 murders in 35 years he has confessed to the investigators: Samuel Little is the worst serial killer in US history. Like the federal police FBI announced on Sunday (local time) that the 79-year-old American will go down in crime history with a series of murders of unimaginable proportions.

Investigator Little was arrested in 2012 for drug offenses. When they finally took DNA traces from the man and compared them with the databases, the officers connected three murder cases.

From 1987 to 1989, three women were strangled in the Los Angeles region. Little was convicted. The 79-year-old is now cooperating with the investigators – and the three crimes for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment three times in 2014 should not remain.

Serial killer Samuel Little provides detailed information about murders

With “Killer’s Confessions” is the website of the FBI, which gives detailed information about some of Little’s offenses between 1970 and 2005. The Most of his victims were women. Drawings of confirmed and alleged victims can be seen.

A map of the U.S. is littered with blue placemarks that show where Little has or might have murdered: Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and California are just a few of the U.S. states.

A timeline shows photos of Little over the years. He can be seen in videos as he provides information about his actions. The FBI hopes to receive information from the population on the previously unconfirmed confessions in order to fully clarify cases.

Samuel Little can often remember the smallest details

In the videos, Little describes in horrifying detail the appearance of his alleged victims. He wants to remember the length of the hair, the weight and the size of a blonde woman whom he is said to have killed and left on the roadside in 1984.

About a 30-year-old woman, whom he is also said to have on his conscience, he says that she was “pretty” and “friendly” and had “honey-colored skin”. “It’s the only one I’ve ever drowned,” he says.

FBI specialists believe Little’s confessions are credible. Little was interrogated by investigators from numerous states. According to the FBI, Little said he had strangled his numerous victims. Originally, the deaths of many of his victims were attributed to overdoses or “unintentional or indefinite causes”, the federal police said. Some bodies were never found.

The extent of the crimes is reminiscent of the case of the former nurse Niels Högel: the 42-year-old was convicted in June of 85 times the murder of patients in German hospitals. (mbr / dpa)


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