Samuel Moncada assures that he cannot leave New York


April 16, 2019 5:56
Updated 16 April 2019 at 19:26

Samuel Moncada has assured that he cannot leave New York after the restriction of freedom of movement imposed by the United States on members of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission to the United Nations in February.

The recognition or not of the United States to governments affects the type of visa that is approved by diplomatic representatives. Taking into consideration that the UN has its headquarters in New York, it opens the possibility that the visas of the Venezuelan mission in the United Nations can be degraded by the G1 (diplomatic representatives of recognized governments) to G3 (representatives of unrecognized governments ) or deleted. .

Until March 29, 2019 all employees of the Venezuelan mission at the UN had initiated the visa modification process with the State Department.

Moncada told the Associated Press news agency that he was unaware of the visa status. "We deliver passports so they give us G-3 visas and we don't know what's happening right now. They say we're under administrative review. This situation is precarious, it's unusual and puts our diplomatic work at risk," he said. He said.

He added that bank accounts in the Venezuelan embassies in the North American nation are frozen.

Mike Pence, vice president of the United States, told Moncada at the UN Security Council that his presence was not pleasant. "With all due respect, you shouldn't be here. You should go back to Venezuela and tell Maduro to leave," he said.

After the declarations, Moncada wrote on his twitter: "The battle for the presidency of Venezuela at the United Nations has begun".

With information from the Associated Press


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