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San Borja Hospital carried out the third day of operations to address the waiting list accentuated by pandemic

In order to address the New Specialty Consultation Waiting List, the San Borja Arriarán Clinical Hospital (HCSBA), in conjunction with the Primary Care Directorate and the Central Metropolitan Health Service (SSMC), carried out the third operation of “The Specialist in your Office” and, adding to the resolution strategy, It is the first Saturday that the health facility also opens its doors to provide care that the user community expects.

The implementation of these operations focuses on reducing the hospital waiting list, along with providing greater security to the user community, reducing the chances of a possible contagion of COVID-19 and protecting the health of patients and officials. The operation focused on two focuses: on the one hand, it sought to bring specialists closer to the community in Cesfam to avoid large transfers of patients, and also to open the hospital for a Saturday. This day the largest operation to date was carried out, which included six specialties for about 250 users from the HCSBA waiting list.

More than 90 people were treated at Cesfam Maipú by 2 dentists, 1 ophthalmologist, 1 urologist and 1 otolaryngologist. Caring for the care in the Primary Care center sought to reduce the risks of contagion for patients by being carried out near their homes.

On the other hand, About 170 patients received care at the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment (CDT) of the San Borja Arriarán Clinical Hospital. In the enclosure, attentions that correspond to the specialties of Traumatology, Adult Bronchopulmonary and Ophthalmology were carried out, since equipment that is in the hospital was required.

Jorge Wilhelm, director of the San Borja Arriarán Clinical Hospital, explained that “andWe are expanding our offer of care on Saturdays, including more specialties and surgical activity, which together with the work in coordination with Primary Care and the Health Service, will allow us to tackle the resolution of the waiting list caused by the pandemic. The scene in which we move today, with the restrictions due to the pandemic, it prompts us to seek new ways in which the hospital opens up to our users, being the attention of more than 200 patients in a day of Saturday only the beginning of a new way of delivering health of our hospital ”.

Meanwhile, the doctor Patricia mendez, director of the SSMC, mentioned that “We are implementing different strategies to address the waiting list situation, which was exacerbated by the restrictions of the pandemic. One of the alternatives is to attend extending hours, on weekends or outside the hospitals. Three weeks into this work, we have already treated more than 350 patients in different specialties and benefits such as rays, whose objective is to continue reducing the gap and aiming to meet the goals we have for the end of the year as a Health Service ”.

Third operative

In addition to this operation, those carried out on Saturday, September 5 and 12 at Cesfam Las Mercedes and Cesfam Maipú, respectively, instances in which 100 patients were treated in the specialties of Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Traumatology. “Primary Care plays a fundamental role in this strategy, since in addition to reducing the transfer times of our patients in the context of a pandemic, it also allows us to improve the quality standards of the offices of the Central Metropolitan Health Service,” he said. Christian Álvarez, administrative deputy director of the SSMC.

People correspond to patients who must be treated by Management Commitments (COMGES), that is, users who have 2 or more years waiting for specialist care, which they must receive before December 31. In addition, this initiative will be extended to the other hospitals in the network so that users of the four dependent communes can access the resolution of the health problems that afflict them.



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