San Juan Dario Barassi left the crossing after being accused of bullying

Noticias magazine published an article in which it blamed Darío Barassi from San Juan for bullying the participants of his “100 Argentines Say” program. The note provoked the anger of the 37-year-old actor and driver who is used to taking situations with humor.

“Darío Barassi, the bullying formula that pays” was the headline of the note written by Mariana Sidoti and published by the Argentine magazine Noticias. The download of the article added: “The actor established himself as a conductor and is the great bet of El Trece. Controversy over the ‘barrdeo’ of the participants, the key to his success”.

Inside, the journalistic text maintained that the humorous comments that the San Juan makes to his participants – many of which went viral – are typical of the “soft bullying” practice. News remarked that they fall into that category even if they make jokes of a place of respect.

The article aroused the anger of Barassi, who did not take long to write a complaint and contradict him through his official Twitter account – in which he has more than 543 thousand followers. “Cataloging my work and daily delivery as a phenomenon of harassment and harassment not only seems wrong to me, but also in bad taste and unfair,” said the driver at the beginning of his discharge. He wrote the words in a tweet in which he cited the note against him.

“I am very sorry for the title, the content and the time invested in this article,” added the actor. Then, he said: “You learn from mistakes. I hope.” However, it did not end there. Since he made a typing error in his tweet, he quoted it again to correct it and confessed that the mistake was due to writing it “very angry.”


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