"SANA": the return of hundreds of Syrian immigrants from Lebanon

A new group of Syrian immigrants came back Thursday from Lebanese territory through the border crossing of Dabousia in the western Homs countryside.

The Syrian news agency "SANA" that interested parties have provided the necessary facilities for the return of migrants in their homes and villages liberated from the Syrian terrorist army, noting that the teams and the health personnel of the direction of the Homs health have provided health services for displaced children and back at the intersection.

The agency has confirmed the arrival of hundreds of Syrians displaced at the border of Zomrani from Lebanese territory, in preparation for their transfer to their villages liberated by the Syrian army, where the parties involved in the Damascus campaigns have completed all the procedures and agreements at the border crossing points Zumrani and Jadida Yabus to receive hundreds of refugees displaced from Lebanon to transport them to their villages and their cities free from terrorism.

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