Sánchez already admits the dialogue on the amnesty: "We are negotiating with the groups"

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The Government had been in contact with the Aemet to see what the weather would be like Granadawhere the European Political Community from UE and a European Council extraordinary. The forecast: sun. Very hot. So much so that it even forces you to squint. This is how Pedro Sánchez has arrived at the Granada Conference Center. An appointment where he has boasted of the stage and “weight” of Spain in Europe, but where he plans the negotiation on the amnesty that the PSOE maintains with the Catalan independentists.

It is the question that haunts Sánchez. Wherever he goes. In all corners of the world. Madrid, NY, Granada…A negotiation that is no longer hidden. The ground is prepared to do pedagogy before society. Asked specifically about whether or not there will be an amnesty, the acting President of the Government responded: “I know that is the question that is being asked, they even tell me why it does not refer to it directly, we are negotiating, we are negotiating with the different parliamentary groups”.

But true to his approach, the socialist leader has once again avoided mentioning the word. The elephant in the room keeps getting bigger, but it goes unmentioned.

Sánchez himself, in a strategy of showing action, decision against what was done by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has expressed his intention to meet with all parliamentary groups, including Junts and Bildu, with whom he has never sat down. Limiting the meeting to groups prevents you from having to deal with Carles Puigdemont or Oriol Junqueras. Although they have been talking for weeks, it is now that those conversations are going to “intensify.” The first thing is to stage that Sánchez is the candidate. For that, the photos of the meetings.

“Therefore we are negotiating and when we have a concrete position on the matter, after meeting with all the parliamentary groups, we will establish the position of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and in this case I speak to you, logically, as a candidate of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party to that investiture”, has been Sánchez’s presentation, who in each appearance takes another step. He is paving the way further for the negotiation of the amnesty. Without taking it for granted, but working on it.

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