Sánchez and Díaz agree to break the CNMC and a package of measures with a focus on big energy

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The pact between Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz does not raise the energy magnifying glass. The document, to which EL MUNDO has had access, proposes breaking with the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) and taking away the functions of this sector from the body currently chaired by Cani Fernández to return to the previous model and establish a Commission National Energy.

“A specialized regulatory body that has adequate resources to address the necessary modernization of regulation to prepare the energy system for the objective of climate neutrality. Its inspection and monitoring capabilities will also be reinforced for compliance with energy regulations by the whole of actors”, includes the pact between PSOE and Sumar.

It is not the only reference to a sector that has been in the focus of the coalition government for months, since the agreement also establishes that both partners will work to strengthen institutional instruments to “limit excessive business concentration and promote competition in markets with adequate regulation and supervision”.

Although the document does not go into details, this point is aligned with one of the proposals in Sumar’s electoral program that aimed to break from the Government the vertical integration of the large energy companiesThat is, they cannot concentrate, as is now the case, all the phases of the sector’s value chain, from generation to commercialization.

“To achieve this, a review of the Law on the Defense of Competition of 2007 and the Law creating the CNMC of 2013 will be promoted. In addition, regulatory bodies will be provided with more means so that they can carry out correctly performs its supervisory task,” anticipates the text of the agreement.

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