Sánchez and Díaz leave a government pact with a socioeconomic accent on track to compensate for the wear and tear caused by the amnesty

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The pacts between the PSOE and Sumar, formerly Unidas Podemos, already have their liturgy. The negotiation progresses under the radar, while on the surface frictions, tensions, contradictory versions are staged… and in the end, at the wrong time, strike out!: pact. The government agreement for a hypothetical reissue of the coalition followed this method to the letter. In a dialogue that has intensified and accelerated in recent weeks, piloted by Maria Jesus Montero (PSOE) and Nacho Alvarez (Summer), Pedro Sanchez y Yolanda Diaz They met on Monday morning to put on track a white smoke that their teams signed late at night, after ironing out the remaining frictions, among which the reduction in the working day stood out. “It lacks nuance,” say the sources consulted.

This Tuesday the staging of this Government pact is expected, with the hanger in addition to Sánchez and Díaz going to La Moncloa at the Minister council. There will be an agreement, therefore, but there is still the question of whether there will be an investiture.

After clearing a path that has left the distribution of ministries for later, although it is not virgin territory, the crux was around reducing work time. The great flag that he wanted to display summer and with which he wanted to pressure and portray the PSOE. “The ball is in the court of the PSOE,” sources from the leadership of Díaz’s party repeated in the last few hours.

The socialists shook off this coercion by pointing out that the agreement was practically closed. The second vice president, who has canceled an event that she had this Monday at 6:00 p.m. to supervise the pact, put on the table from the first moment reducing the current working day from 40 hours a week to 37.5 hours in 2024, that is, half hour a day during working hours, and from there open a debate on this matter.

“They tell us no,” Sumar’s negotiators responded in recent days when asked about this issue. It happens that the PSOE, in its electoral program for the 23-J I did advocate for this. This is what his document stated: “We will continue promoting the pilot project to reduce working hours for industrial companies with measures aimed at reducing working hours without reducing wages.”

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