Sánchez and Feijóo meet today to confirm their differences: the amnesty and the blockade of the CGPJ will focus the reproaches

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The acting president and candidate for the investiture and the leader of the PP meet today at the Congress within the framework of the round of contacts with the parliamentary forces – with the exception of Vox – opened by the former to gather support that will allow him to continue in The Moncloa and form a new coalition government.

The meeting between the two is not part, however, of this context: neither does Sánchez plan to ask Feijóo for his votes, nor has Feijóo considered the possibility of supporting Sánchez either actively or passively.

It will actually be the confirmation of a disagreement with no possibility of rehabilitation; an exchange of reproaches about which of the two defends more – or violates, depending on how you look at it – the Constitution; who bets more on general interests; who advocates for equality and who for difference.

He popular arrives at the meeting exhibiting the clamor in Madrid and Barcelona of tens of thousands of citizens against the presumed amnesty law, more or less disguised, that Sánchez negotiates in exchange for independence support for his inauguration.

An amnesty that for Feijóo is nothing more than the bargaining chip in the transaction that the socialist leader intends to carry out to remain in power. A “cacicada” who would claim, in his opinion, equality among Spaniards; a torpedo against the waterline of the rule of law and a demonstration of arbitrariness on the part of the Executive.

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