Sánchez begins his ‘televised interviews’ with ministers with Escrivá: "Will we extend paternity and maternity leave?" "Yes, at 20 weeks"

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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has launched a new campaign format at the PSOE headquarters consisting of a kind of televised interviews with members of his Government. He has launched it with the Minister of Inclusion, José Luis Escrivá, and both have agreed on the success of his management and have taken advantage of the format to launch advances of the electoral program, such as an extension to 20 weeks of paternity leave.

The PSOE baptizes this formula as “Working with…Escrivá” and it is a conversation merely televised by the party without the possibility of in-person attendance by journalists, but by a selected audience. Sánchez has justified the format because “the public needs to have information to make the best decision on July 23”.

Sánchez has acted as an interviewer asking Escrivá if there will be an extension of paternity and maternity leave in the electoral program and this -who is not a member of the party or on its lists- has confirmed it: “Yes, to 20 weeks, the last part-time”. “Then, the proposal that we are going to carry in the electoral program and that we will implement in the next legislature is to pass from 16 weeks of paternity and maternity leave to 20 weeksmaking part-time work from week 17 to 20?”, the president insisted. “Indeed, for both women and men,” the minister confirmed as the next measure if both remain in power after the elections.

The President of the Government has also asked how to reach full employment in the next legislature and the Minister of Inclusion has responded that measures such as that of “integrate companies with a mentor” young people who have been unemployed for some time.

Another example is his prepared dialogue on pensions.

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