Sánchez charges against Rubiales and shows him the exit door: "It’s over"

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Pedro Sanchez has given to understand this Saturday that Luis Rubiales cannot continue at the helm of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after the controversy over the non-consensual kiss to the soccer player Jenni Beautiful. “The Spain brand It is the exemplary reaction of the players of the Spanish team and the spectacular reaction of Spanish society that has said together with them ‘it’s over’. And that ‘it’s over’ is with all the consequences, also for the leaders who have been involved in these unfortunate events,” said the acting President of the Government during an act of the PSOE in Malaga.

In his speech before 1,500 militants and supporters of the party in Andalusia, Sánchez pointed out that “a long time ago very few were at the forefront of the real and effective fight for equality between men and women.” And, amid resounding applause from the public, she added: “Today, on the other hand, there is a giant, unstoppable wave of women who have decided never again to submit to their boyfriends, their husbands, their bosses, presidents of federations and the sursum corda. It’s over.”

“With all this controversy that has taken place regarding the World Cup and the Spanish women’s soccer team, I am sure that there are many people who ask themselves: ‘Will this have caused damage to the external image of Spain?’ One cannot aspire to represent Spain and make Spain feel bad with attitudes and speeches that embarrass us and that do not represent us,” the Prime Minister added firmly, without ever mentioning Rubiales by name.

Sánchez has referred to this matter during the act of the beginning of the political course of the PSOE not even 24 hours after the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) described this Friday as a “serious” offense the kiss given without consent to Jenni Hermoso and not ” very serious”, which leaves the Government with no options to suspend the head of the RFEF. The Higher Sports Council (CSD) will now urge the TAD to temporarily suspend it in application of article 102 of the Sports Law until the open file that affects it is resolved.

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