Sánchez closes his meetings with BNG and PNV without managing to add more votes to his investiture

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The PNV and the BNG are not willing to give in so soon. The first with five votes in the Chamber and the second, with one, have a list of pending demands for Pedro Sánchez and ask to negotiate and make commitments before giving him their support. The socialist spokesperson in Congress, Patxi López, has confirmed that negotiations and finalization will begin next week. In his opinion, “the stew is not yet on the fire.”

Aitor Esteban, the Basque nationalist spokesperson, has assured that we need to talk more and “put things black on white.” “The PNV has not already given its votes. This is not the case. The agreement is complicated and we will have to continue talking in the coming weeks,” Esteban stated. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, also surprisingly attended the meeting between Sánchez and the Basque nationalist spokesperson.

The PNV is willing to give “generosity”, but “all parties” must offer the same, the deputy said. Esteban has assured that he cannot predict when the investiture debate will be held. “I believe,” he said, “that we have until the end of November,” alluding to the 27th of that same month when, if an investiture had not been successful, elections would automatically be called for January 14.

The Basque nationalists want to “try” and assure that they will maintain “discretion” to try to reach an agreement that, as of today, they emphasize, “does not exist.” “There is no agreement, believe me, there is not,” stated Esteban, who has also put on the table the added problem of “how it is going to work” in a possible legislature. For the PNV, the second part of Sánchez’s last mandate “was not satisfactory.”

Esteban has clarified that if he supports the investiture, this will also entail giving approval to the Budgets, the essential instrument for a Government to function.

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