Sánchez demands that Feijóo stop his "desperate attempt to agitate the street" and the leader of the PP demands elections so that the amnesty can be voted

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Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo needed an hour of meeting to confirm and display their differences. Between the two, leaders of the two most important political forces in the country, there is not a single point of coincidence. Only reproaches and distance. The expectations surrounding their meeting, framed in the round of contacts undertaken by the socialist leader to gather the necessary support for his investiture, were actually zero. And they have been confirmed.

Feijóo assured that the result of the meeting was “more than predictable.” Neither Sánchez has asked for PP votes nor has Feijóo shown himself willing to give them to him. Leader popular He has attended the meeting in search of some information about Sánchez’s plans to be inaugurated and the agreements he is willing to close and the price he is going to pay to the independentistas to achieve it.

The leader of the PP has clarified his willingness to look for any gap in understanding between his party and the PSOE, something that on this occasion has not been possible, nor was it possible during the course of the politician’s failed investiture debate. popular because Sánchez avoided participating in it.

In this sense, Feijóo has asked him to clarify whether or not his position is to defend the equality of Spaniards before the law. The popular politician has assured that he has not received a response despite having insisted on the need to “come face to face”, with “honesty” and clarify the response that he is going to give to the demands of the independentists “without euphemisms.”

According to Feijóo, the alternative to independence is state agreements between the two major parties. He has asked Sánchez to recognize this and also admit that his objective is not coexistence or harmony but rather to stay in power.

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