Sánchez designs a government "more political": the Bolaños-Montero duo wins in a coalition with Mónica García and without Podemos

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The Amnesty Law is causing a hard time for the PSOE. A “bad drink”, as many socialist leaders define it. But to sweeten the taste in the mouth, Pedro Sánchez has three candies in the room with which he can try to reduce the acidity and discomfort. First, consummate his investiture between today and tomorrow. Second, form a new Executive that renews the mandate of the progressive coalition, in this case, between PSOE and Sumar. And a third pill that will be to deploy a powerful social agenda to neutralize the wear and tear caused by the amnesty.

Once the trance of agreeing on the amnesty has been overcome, the PSOE is now looking towards the ministries. Yesterday was the last Council of Ministers of the Executive that started in January 2020 and that underwent a major remodeling in July 2021. Names, pools are beginning to move… Uncertainty reigns among those who now hold a portfolio and, also, among those who believe they can aspire to one. «There are only one or two armored people. “No one else is guaranteed the position or its continuity,” state government sources, alluding to the fact that it is certain that Pedro Sánchez will be president and Yolanda Díaz will occupy a vice presidency. From there…

Another certainty. All the sources consulted, in the Government, PSOE and Sumar, assume that Podemos will be left out of the ministerial distribution. That Ione Herb e Irene Montero They will not repeat and no current member of the purple formation will sit on the Council of Ministers.

One more certainty. There will be a reduction in portfolios. It will be a more contained cabinet than the current one (22 ministries). In the socialist lies, a distribution is being considered that could be 13 portfolios for the PSOE, 5 for Sumar.

Top government and socialist sources consulted by this newspaper agree that the next cabinet will be “more political” than the current one. “It will be a political government, of explaining a lot, of continually explaining everything we do.” The socialists know that the legislature will not be easy, that the opposition of PP and Vox is going to be tough and they also have the experience that in these years it has been difficult for them to impose their story and their message on more than one occasion. The need for ministers who defend, attack, counterattack is transferred; They have punch and background.

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