Sánchez does not calm the doubts in the PSOE about the amnesty: "We leave as we entered, without knowing anything else"

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The briefcase with the red button was padlocked and well guarded. Many in the PSOE wanted it to be tightened now to experience a political explosion that would relieve them of pressure and relieve them. Pedro Sánchez arrived early on Saturday morning at Ferraz and it was after 11:00 a.m. when, upon reaching page 11 of the 18 pages of his speech, he pressed his hand and the amnesty detonated. The strategy of silence collapsed, the defense of forgiveness for those involved in the processbut the socialist candidate did not offer a drop of information to the almost 300 officials gathered in the assembly hall Ramon Rubial by Ferraz. Yes, there is already open talk of amnesty, but without knowing what it consists of.

“He didn’t go into anything in depth,” say several of those attending the Federal Committee. “Nothing, no information,” completes a prominent leader. “He did not give details,” says the leader of an important federation. “There have been references to the constitutionality of what is approved, nothing more,” several attendees point out. “We left Ferraz how we entered, without knowing anything else about the amnesty that is being negotiated. The uncertainty about the fine print remains. The explanation was limited to the message that the president of the Government and the ministers: it will have a “constitutional fit.”

Adrian BarbónPresident of Asturiashe did defend at the exit of the Federal Committee that the intervention of Sánchez had been “bold and clear, very clarifying for people who had doubts. She has analyzed the situation and the alternatives we have. Another territorial leader points out: “Although we do not have information, we do know what it is going to be: it is an agreement of generosity.” Despite the lack of information and details, there was a majority closing of ranks with the leader of the PSOE. «The party supports Pedro. More than the measures, it supports him,” says an important territorial leader.

Sánchez He did explain the political reason, offered arguments to defend it and even confessed and explained his change of opinion, because until the elections, even in the days that followed, the socialists defended that the amnesty was unconstitutional. «Has something changed in reality that justifies a change on our part? The answer is simple: yes, elections change things. The amnesty is assumed, talked about and taught, but only a small hard core knows what it consists of. The barrier is erected without knowing the heavy load and the degree of danger of the merchandise circulating on the road.

In the more than five hours that the Federal Committee lasted, there were only two critical interventions against the amnesty: Emiliano García-Pagepresident of Castilla-La Mancha, and Odon Elorza, former deputy and former mayor of San Sebastián. The two left some questions on the table: that there are no guarantees that the independence movement will give up returning to the starting point, that what guarantees did ERC and together and what they gave up. He PSOE He tried to get the independentists to renounce unilateralism, but, for example, Carles Puigdemont is not willing and continues to defend self-determination with 1-O as his banner.

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