Sánchez does not rule out calling Puigdemont on the eve of his meeting with Junts and Bildu

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The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, had an informal conversation with the press at the reception after the October 12 parade in which he was once again booed. Negotiations for a possible investiture have occupied the center of this group.

In the same, Sánchez He has acknowledged that five political groups have considerations about the amnesty, and that he is “in full negotiation” of his investiture with the presidents of the groups and that they are “complex.”

When asked about the case of Oriol Juqueras, whom he telephoned this Friday before meeting Gabriel Rufián, he acknowledged that his relationship with ERCwith whom he has “a base of work and conversation” and with whom he has been working for five years, is different from that of together.

Furthermore, Sánchez has insisted that the PSOE will present its amnesty offer when the time comes, and that it will be within the constitutional framework. Asked if he will call Puigdemont, the president does not plan to do so at this time: “I meet and speak with the groups,” but he does not rule out that a call to the separatist politician may have to take place later.

Sánchez He has taken advantage of the informal conversation to accuse the PP of appropriating national symbols, which he said represent “everyone” and “not just them.” Spain, he has reflected, “is more diverse than ‘Txapote’.”

Furthermore, he has assured that the problem is not the cries of the citizens, but that the PP politicians make them their own. Faced with this, Feijóo has responded in another informal conversation that Sánchez talks about respect for institutions and then does not respect them.

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