Sánchez increases the search for 100 million


The Council of Ministers approved yesterday to improve the provision of research and research programs that are already underway in 100 million euros. The budget increase will cover four programs of the state R & D plan, including the subsidies of Ramón y Cajal, aimed at the "recovery of foreign researchers" and the help of Juan de la Cierva , according to the spokesman of the minister Isabel Celaá, will allocate 11 million to training and 20 million to the incorporation of young doctors, ie young people who have just completed their doctorate. Finally, the Council of Ministers also approved a € 7 million article for technical support staff in these areas. A considerable increase that could, in large part, end up in research centers and universities in Catalonia.

Catalonia could attract around € 30 million

"Normally Catalonia is very competitive in this type of state call and we tend to attract between 25% and 30% of the resources", explained the Director General of Research of the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge, Joan Gómez Pallares. This means that Catalan universities and research centers could now attract between 25 and 30 million more.

According to Gómez, the decision of the Spanish executive to increase the research and development meeting is to end the paralysis in these programs, whose provisions have been frozen since 2012. "In this way, the Spanish Government has taken back what was done years ago and it stopped, and this is always positive, "said Gómez last night. However, the General Director of Research of the Generalitat said that "the Spanish executive has not yet explained where he will get that money".

In any case, the Generalitat yesterday celebrated the fact that the government of Pedro Sánchez "overcame the perturbations that they suffered last year, in which it was decided to invest a lot more money in military research rather than in civil research", concluded Gómez.


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