Sánchez is reluctant to give details, but says that he is increasingly "closer" of the investiture

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“The relevant thing, the important thing about yesterday’s agreement, is that we have the investiture closer. We are moving forward, without pause, to comply with the mandate of the citizens, which consisted of there not being a Government of Feijóo and Abascal, which fortunately we have avoided; that there is no electoral repetition; and that policies of stability, coexistence and progress continue to be implemented. This is the message, more than festive and optimistic, that the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, launched this Wednesday in Brussels, 24 hours after presenting, together with Vice President Yolanda Díaz, the agreement between PSOE and Sumar for an investiture. .

Sánchez has closed the numerically most relevant part, but also one of the easiest and about which there were not many doubts. The complicated part comes now and that’s why it doesn’t matter who asks him, how or how many times, the president castles and closes his mouth to say nothing. He avoids the word amnesty, avoids mentioning specific groups or leaders and trusts everything to the good pace that he believes the process is taking in order to form an Executive “sooner rather than later.”

“This agreement yesterday obeys three objectives of the legislature. The first is stability, and we have given political stability to the country when it needed it, with a pandemic and the consequences of Putin’s war. The second objective is progress policies , and the third, coexistence policies. We have faced an inherited situation, the greatest constitutional crisis in the recent history of Spain, and we are in the line of continuing to build coexistence,” he said in the most direct reference, within from the circumlocutions, to the negotiation with ERC and Junts to achieve their support.

“The agreements, when they are signed and an agreement is reached, will be public, all Spaniards will know about it, as we have done with Sumar (…) we are going to explain everything, all the policies. I will show my face, I will not “I hide, I roll up my sleeves and face the problems inherited from previous administrations,” the president added from Brusselswhere this week he participates in the Tripartite Social Summitprecisely together with Yolanda Díaz, and in a European Council on Thursday and Friday.

“I want, with pride, to show my gratitude to the PSOE and Sumar, because this represents the social majority of the country. Whatever they have voted for and wherever they have voted, wherever they live, a large majority of Spaniards feel represented in the policies of the agreement”, he has ventured to say.

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