Sánchez Llibre: "Legal security has never ceased to exist in Catalonia"


The new president of Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, said that "legal security never existed in Catalonia" and this is shown by the fact that "many companies" have maintained their headquarters. "Another thing is the sensitivity of entrepreneurs in the fear that it will get worse," he explained.

The book, which proposed the return of the companies that have marched, ensures that it is necessary now to "create a climax for those who have left to see that" Catalonia will not go beyond what was happening in October last year ".

The new business leader also criticized the "inhuman" preventive prison suffered by both the Catalan political prisoners and the "other friends", with reference to the former president of Barça, Sandro Rosell. "If there's a sentence, we do not know if there's a crime," he condemned.

The president of Foment, who reached the position promising not to enter politics, was unable to escape during his first press conference as the employer's leader.

The book also considered "a mistake and an outrage" the campaign announced yesterday by the ANC to promote the consumption of companies that did not leave after October 1 and, therefore, boycott those who decided to move social headquarters

"Let's go in the opposite direction," said Sánchez Llibre. "We believe that we must change the climate and give security to companies.For the President of Fomento, the ANC campaign may end up supposing job losses and, for this reason, called for the suspension of the initiative.


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