Sánchez maintains the 22 ministries: Bolaños assumes Justice, places the Canarian Torres in Territorial Policy, Alegría will be the spokesperson and Equality for the doctor of Law Ana Redondo

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Pedro Sanchez has spent the weekend shaping and finalizing his government, working with a very small circle of collaborators. The secret names have already been revealed. Finally, the new Executive will have the same number of ministries that the current one, 22, there will be no reduction in portfolios and summer They will maintain five departments, the same as the last legislature, despite having a worse result than in 2019. There will be four vice presidenciesthus recovering those that Sánchez’s first Executive had: Nadia Calvino, Yolanda Diaz,Teresa Ribera y Maria Jesus Montero. He PSOE maintains the heart of power with all the ministries of State and Sánchez configures a cabinet with a lot of political weight.

A new cabinet of continuity, but with changes in names and powers. Felix Bolañosas this newspaper reported, comes out strengthened and maintains the ministry of Presidency and Relations with the Courts and assume Justice. Sánchez’s trusted man will continue to preside over the General Commission of Secretaries and Undersecretaries, which is where the Councils of Ministers are prepared and where it is decided what is raised for approval and what is not.

The Minister of the Presidency has been one of the architects of the Amnesty Law, in fact he was the one who presented it at a press conference in Congress. Assumes Justice with the purpose of defending this forgiveness to those involved in the process, in a legislature that will be marked by this and with tough opposition from PP and Vox. You must also give explanations to Europa, who is keeping a watchful eye. The recomposition of relations with the actors of Justice – all have rejected the amnesty – and the renewal of the Power of attorney They will be other of his tasks.

Bolaños does lose the competitions of Democratic Memorywhich the canary assumes Angel Victor Torres. The former president of this community will be the new Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory.

The presence of Torres in the new Executive means, first, incorporating a profile from outside Madrid, with a special sensitivity for the insularity and dialogue in dealing with the independence supporters. And, secondly, it is noted that Sánchez rewards and recovers some of the barons who were dethroned in the last regional elections in May. The PSOE won in Canary Islands but he was displaced by a coalition of the PP and Vox. Another important aspect that we want to highlight with his appointment.

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