Sánchez now says that it was "essential" listen to the co-official languages ​​in Congress

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Pedro Sánchez continues with his demand for linguistic diversity. During an event held within the framework of the European Day of Languages ​​at the Cervantes Institute, the socialist leader made a resounding statement: “Of course you can be Spanish without knowing all the languages ​​of Spain, but what makes no sense is to think that “We only have one.”

In his speech he also stressed how “essential” the recent reform of the Congressional Regulations regarding this matter. “Listening in Congress to the languages ​​with which our compatriots name the reality of Spain was essential.” Something that clashes with the position that the Executive held just over a year ago. At that time, the PSOE, PP, Vox and Citizensrefused to use the co-official languages ​​in the Chamber after the Catalan and Basque nationalists, supported by Unidas Podemos, requested it.

Their introduction now in the Lower House, according to the acting president, has been justified based on two reasons: that such languages They are part of the cultural legacy of “our country” and because protecting them is a “political decision”. “Just like it is censorship to cut them off.” Along these lines, he has indicated that there are those who “invent battles or conflicts where there are democratic normality“. To which he added: “To those who reason this way, time will respond by proving progress right.”

Referring to the Constitution, Sánchez has said that the co-official languages, by its mandate and that of the laws, ““enjoy a high level of protection” in Spain. In a message of unity, she mentioned that “pride in a national identity” should not be confused with a closed feeling or rejection of others. “We have become aware that linguistic diversity is something that makes us who we are.”

Likewise, he has highlighted the “popular” and reconciliatory role of languages. “Spain has already lived through a time where languages ​​were prohibited, but democracy is ready to respond to all of them. Whatever the questions.” Something that he has reinforced by saying that “it is time to give them their space where the popular will is represented.”

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