Sánchez overtakes Feijóo and adds Vox in the first CIS of Tezanos after 23-J

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The September barometer Sociological Research Center (CIS) predicts that if elections are held today, Pedro Sánchez would overtake Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The survey gives the victory to the PSOE with a voting intention of 33.5%, above the 31.7% that the Popular Party would obtain. Adding, for its part, with 11.9%, would surpass Vox today, which falls to 11.1%. Junts and ERC would tie at 1.7%.

This is the first survey carried out by the public body directed by Jose Felix Tezanos since the general elections held on July 23. Then, the PP became the most voted force with 33.05% of the votes. The PSOE obtained 31.7% and Vox maintained third place with 12.39%, although Sumar, with 12.31%, was close to overtaking those of Santiago Abascal.

On this occasion, the survey estimates that the popular They have fallen almost a point and a half since the vote, while the socialists have grown 1.8 points. Vox also falls 1.3 points and Sumar is positioned as the third force by gaining six tenths in recent weeks.

These are numbers that reinforce Pedro Sánchez in the midst of a political storm due to the conditions that the independence movement demands of the PSOE to support a hypothetical investiture: the amnesty and the referendum. On the other hand, the lack of erosion of the acting President of the Government contrasts with the fall of Feijóo less than a week before the debate on his investiture, and on the eve of the PP holding a “great event” in Madrid against the amnesty. .

On the other side of the negotiation, the independence movement sharpens its electoral battle, according to the CIS: ERC continues its retreat and falls from 1.89% to 1.7%. A figure identical to that achieved by Junts, which gains one tenth and ties with the Republicans.

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