Sánchez will ask the King for his investiture without guaranteeing the necessary support

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Felipe VI closes this Tuesday the second round of contacts with the representatives of the parliamentary formations with the purpose of designating a new candidate for the investiture. The spotlight is on the socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, who aspires to lead a new Government in coalition with Sumar for the next four years. However, if he is, as everything indicates, the chosen one, the King will have chosen without having the guarantee that, this time, the Chamber will grant him its confidence.

Pedro Sánchez will be the penultimate visitor to La Zarzuela. Following him will attend the meeting with the Monarch the leader of the most voted party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who failed last Friday in his attempt to become the new President of the Government.

At the end of the round, Felipe VI will have gathered the opinion and voting intention of seven parliamentary formations. Four others -ERC, Junts, Bildu and BNG- have disdained, as is their custom, dialogue with a head of state whom they do not recognize.

Precisely the vote of two of these parties -ERC and Junts- is essential for the eventual candidacy of the socialist to prosper and neither of the two, for the moment, has secured a yes for which they set costly conditions.

Unlike both, the training a patriot Yes, he has anticipated his bet in favor of Pedro Sánchez, trusting in the formation of a “progressive” Executive that gives effect to his demands and is a retaining wall against “fascism” and the “extreme right” of PP and Vox.

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