Sánchez’s defense convinces the PSOE but they warn of social tension: "Things on the street will remain the same"

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The amnesty for those involved in the process monopolizes the political debate. Everything revolves around forgiveness, also the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. But the socialist candidate and his team know that this controversy, important and which is making visible fractures and division in society, will not be what determines his future in the medium or long term. It is now, but they know that in the end the economy is the gavel that dictates the sentence. For this reason, from La Moncloa they are blowing to remove the amnesty as a possible dark cloud or hole in the pocket. In a future framework of uncertainty, the leader of the PSOE presents the grace measure as an element of economic stability, in the face of criticism from companies and businessmen and in the face of reproaches that its consequences – social, economic… – will have consequences. .

«No matter how much they wrap themselves in everyone’s flag, we know that the reactionary right wing cares very little about the amnesty. The economic powers that sponsor them are not worried about it. In fact, they know that it will be good for the country’s economy,” stated the acting President of the Government during his speech in Congress.

An allusion that is neither casual nor innocent. Sánchez presents the amnesty as a spearhead for “coexistence”, and even, in a further step, sells it, along with the pardons, as a “way” to “guarantee” “unity.” A reflection that Junts did not like caused discomfort in the formation of Puigdemont and caused an emergency meeting in Congress between its spokesperson, Miriam Noguerasy Santos Cerdan, the socialist negotiator. “Nothing serious,” said the sources consulted by this newspaper. Of course, Sánchez read, with his head resting on his pages, the reply to Nogueras. Also his rejoinder. Everything measured, scheduled. No risks, minimize the danger of laying a new stone that could derail his investiture.

But, now, the leader of the PSOE also resorts to defending the economic benefit of the amnesty. It is about mitigating the wear and tear that this forgiveness entails and conveying the message that this political decision will have no consequences on the well-being of citizens. This is the message that Sánchez wants to send: that his decision, controversial and contested, will not affect the economic future or measures such as the new increase in the minimum wage, the revaluation of pensions, the reduction in VAT on food until June; or free public transport for all minors and young people and unemployed people, from January 1.

“No measure that gives stability to a country is bad for its economy,” Sánchez’s team states. «And the amnesty is a measure that provides stability. It continues to travel a path of reunion in Catalonia, which this Government has marked. The pardons did not generate economic instability, nor will the amnesty.

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