Sánchez’s investiture, last minute | Sanchez: "The amnesty that we propose is perfectly legal and in accordance with the Constitution"

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Turn this afternoon for the opposition parties in the investiture debate by Pedro Sánchez. The socialist leader, still acting president, has not addressed the amnesty agreed with the Catalan independentists until the final section of the speech of more than an hour and a half with which he opened the session in the morning.

After previously alluding to climate change, the digital revolution and feminism and presenting his government program peppered with promisesPedro Sánchez has presented this amnesty as a way to “end the fracture”, “discord” and “hatred”which, as he has said, has led to the PP in Catalonia. “It is legal and in accordance with the Constitution,” insisted Sánchez, who has 179 affirmative votes to be sworn in as new president.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has described Sánchez’s first intervention as a “frivolous speech.” Among the parties that are going to give him their support, ERC has regretted that it has not spoken of a referendum in Catalonia and Irene Montero has regretted that Sánchez and the vice president Yolanda Díaz “They are going to throw Podemos out of the Government”.

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