Sánchez’s transfers to Puigdemont: legal coverage for ‘lawfare’, an international verifier, debating the referendum and not renouncing unilaterality

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A pact that represents a turning point in the history of Spain, at least in democracy, a “historical” milestone as defined by those who have been at the foot of the negotiations, was presented before a white curtain and with a small lectern from which the media microphones fell. A “political” agreement made in four pages and that finally includes the main demands demanded by Carles Puigdemont in exchange for the favorable vote of his seven deputies in the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

The amnesty law was very advanced and, in fact, the PSOE wanted to have announced the pact with Junts a week ago. But everything was delayed due to the anger in Puigdemont’s formation after the pact with ERC – which won the medal of amnesty and inclusion in the forgiveness of Tsunami and the CDR – and due to the accusation of terrorism of the fugitive from the Justicedecided by the judge Manuel García Castellón.

Santos Cerdán, PSOE negotiator, has acknowledged, as EL MUNDO reported, that Puigdemont He demanded a “re-reading” and “review” of what was agreed upon. “That’s why negotiations are delayed.” Finally, the text signed by Cerdan and Jordi Turull (Junts) collects this legal coverage by lawfare“use of legal action to cause trouble for an opponent,” as defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary-.

“The conclusions of the investigative commissions that will be established in the next legislature will be taken into account in the application of the amnesty law to the extent that situations included in the concept could arise. lawfare or judicialization of the policy, with the consequences that, where appropriate, may give rise to liability actions or legislative modifications,” the document says. This means that it will be the Congress -which hosts the commissions- who decides who can be amnestied, taking the role of judge.

With this demand Puigdemont wanted to shield himself, but also people around him. It is the case of Joseph Maria Alaya man of Puigdemont’s greatest confidence, involved in the so-called Voloh casein which relations with Russia are investigated.

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