Sanctions against Russia. Thousands of Russians imprisoned in Cuba

As estimated by the independent Cuban portals 14ymedio and CiberCuba to the Russian authorities in the last two weeks, only 2.5 thousand charter flights were imported from Cuba. their citizens.

Thousands of tourists waiting to return to Russia are the result of the closure of the airspace to Russia’s airlines by EU countries and Canada as part of sanctions related to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Most Russia-Cuba flights have been canceled until further notice.

Russians in Cuba

According to government data, in 2021 the number of visitors from Russia increased to 40 percent. all arrivals to Cuba.

CiberCuba portal reminds that in 2021, it was visited by over 146 thousand. vacationers from Russia.

At least 8,000 Russian holidaymakers tried last week to find return flights from Cuba after many Western nations closed their airspace to Russian planes in solidarity with Ukraine.

This situation means that Cuba will struggle to meet the target of 2.5 million tourists by 2022, explained Paolo Spadoni, a Cuban economy expert at Augusta University in Georgia.

Other large clusters of Russian tourists are according to independent Cuban media Dominican Republic and Mexico. There are, respectively, 6 thousand. and 4 thous. vacationers from Russia. According to the media, after the outbreak of the war Serbia became the main destination for Russians’ foreign holidays.

Source: PAP, Reuters

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