Sand from the Sahara is also pouring into Central Europe with heat, and the Czechia will also be affected

A huge “cloud” of Saharan dust and sand is spreading across the Mediterranean, which meteorologists say will hit Central and Eastern Europe in the coming hours and days.

“The synoptic situation is in favor of this, as very hot air from the southwest of Algeria flows into the middle of the troposphere in the middle of the troposphere between the pressure lower above northwest and the height above southeastern Europe,” said members of the Department of Atmospheric Physics at Charles University.

Therefore, according to them, people should not be surprised in the days following the rain when yellow spots appear on various surfaces after the drops have dried.

Forecasts of Saharan sand for Europe are issued by centers in Spain a v Greece. From their calculations, it is clear that most of it will be mainly in central southern (Italy) and southeastern Europe (Croatia, Balkans).

“From the surrounding states we can find a smaller decline in southern Slovakia, Hungary and southeastern Austria. In our territory, there is the greatest probability of a small decline today or tomorrow in South Moravia,” said Josef Hanzlík from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute on Tuesday afternoon ( CHMI) with the fact that the amount of dust in the atmosphere should be lower than, for example, at the beginning of February this year, when yellow snow appeared in many places.

You can watch TV Nova’s report on yellow snow in the Czech Republic here:


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