Sanne has long covid: “I will soon earn less than half of the past”

Battery empty

“I sometimes compare myself to an old iPhone: I no longer charge properly. My battery is draining faster than you can imagine. My resting heart rate is higher than 110. I visit a physiotherapist, cardiologist, pulmonologist and follow occupational therapy. And sometimes I suffer from brain fog and word-finding problems. Not particularly useful when you are in front of a class.”

Long covid: 30% less income

“In October I will be sick for a year and my salary will go to 70%. My husband can work a few extra hours, so we can almost completely make up the difference of over €700 for now. But suppose I no longer get a job at all… Then in a year’s time I will enter the WIA and I will only receive € 1100 a month. That is less than half of what I earn now. For our family, that means € 18,000 less income on an annual basis.”

With some adjustments here and there and a little creative accounting, we’ll figure it out. And yet it feels like the sword of Damocles hangs over our heads. If I remain ill for a long time (and unfortunately it looks like that for the time being), we and our teenagers have to make many adjustments. Because fair is fair: if I receive a benefit of € 1100, we have to live differently. Then, for example, the holiday in February will not take place, we will have to be careful with the groceries and we may ask the oldest two for a monthly contribution. All manageable, but fun is different.”

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