Santiago and Estación Central will be integrated into the lack of refinement: their mayors arrived in La Moneda | National

José Francisco Zúñiga | UNO Agency


The mayor of Central StationRodrigo Delgado, confirmed that his commune will go to the Transition stage of the “Step by step” plan.

So he said when he arrived this morning at The coin to participate in a meeting with the mayors of other communes that will enter into disarray.

The communal chief had already expressed his annoyance because the commune met the numbers needed to move to Transition.

“Even with positive indicators, no one mentioned us as a possible commune to come out of quarantine,” he said last week.

However, concern about the floating population and the street trade in the commune they delayed a decision.

Upon arriving at La Moneda, he indicated that they will continue to test and trace the positive cases of covid-19 in the commune, to avoid going back to quarantine.

You are not alone

But Delgado is not the only mayor in La Moneda. The mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, also arrived at the palace, so it follows that his commune will also leave the quarantine.

Remember that the north of Santiago already adds 139 days in confinement.

In this way, Santiago and Estación Central would join the other communes of the capital in Transition: Providencia, Ñuñoa, La Reina, Las Condes, Vitacura, Lo Barnechea, Tiltil, Colina, Lampa, Melipilla, Curacaví and María Pinto (the latter regressed from Preparation to Transition)

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