The Chief of Staff also referred to Mauricio Macri, about whom he said: “With this arrogance of money he allows himself not to be like all Argentines fighting the pandemic” Source: LA NACION – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk

After the sayings of former president Eduardo Duhalde, who argued that Argentina could have a coup, and that President Alberto Fernández is “grogui”, the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, said today that the former president “is bad” and who owes it “take care of the family”.

“Duhalde is sick. The family has to take care of him. Journalists and all of us should respect him and take care of him a little more. She is a person who is not well. If we think that the analysis has to be done by Duhalde or Guillermo Moreno, we are wrong, “commented the chief of staff, in a line similar to that stated by the President Alberto Fernández yesterday, in an exchange for Code Sily, where he argued that the former president “is a big man and did not measure what he was saying.”

The chief minister, in an interview for radio La Red, also referred to another former Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, within the framework of raid on his villa in Los Abrojos for alleged breach of quarantine. “With this arrogance of money, he allows himself not to be like all Argentines fighting the pandemic,” Cafiero referred, in a talk in which he also addressed his vision of the Argentine economy.

After the judicial measure in order to search for security cameras in the Los Abrojos farm, in order to try to verify if Macri broke the quarantine after returning from Europe and meeting with Buenos Aires mayors, the leaders of the opposition of Together for Change spoke of a “political persecution” and the Buenos Aires PJ issued a communicated yesterday, shared by the Vice President Cristina Kirchner, where they mentioned a “self-search”.

“We are busy enough to interfere with Justice. Obviously there is a judge who has to ask the former president for explanations, “said Cafiero, who said that Macri” came from a trip abroad and had to serve quarantine “, since” any Argentine would have the same thing. “On this, he insisted : “If any of us had to travel, we would have to quarantine when we returned. The point is whether or not he did.”

In another interview for radio El Uncover, the official maintained that position, but slipped: “The other is quite debatable because There were already messages and ideas from the macrista skulls that said that they had to victimize themselves and that they had to state that there was a judicial persecution against the former president, a month or two months ago, and suddenly this appears. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? ”

The head of the ministers also maintained, for La Red, his critical line with the previous administration and commented: “To the crisis of macrismo must be added the crisis of the pandemic. If we didn’t care about anything, we would be traveling the world like the former president did. “

Along the same lines and, already at the end of a week full of repercussions due to the new restrictions on operations in dollars, Cafiero said: “That those who disqualify are those who were there until nine months ago sounds quite hypocritical. The Dujovne, the Sturzenegger, the Prat Gay, they called ‘economic plan’ to a power point announcing failure. ” He said these officials “caused a tremendous recession”, made “SMEs close” and “inflation went through the roof.”

The chief of ministers explained that the measures on foreign currency were taken by the economic cabinet and stated: “The scenario is quite clear. We need to rebuild a powerful sector that exports and brings in dollars. Argentina needs genuine export dollars, that generates quality employment. It is like the vaccine. ¿When does the coronavirus end? With the vaccine. When are we going to have the exchange market normalized? When we have a greater entry of genuine dollars, because those that entered during the macrismo were speculative.

In line with what was expressed yesterday by the President, who spoke of “transition measures until the economy calms down,” Cafiero said today: “We need to take care of dollars. We are in a transit. They are not measures that are an end in themselves. When we recover exports, we will be able to have the exchange market more normalized. “

The Chief of Staff assured that “companies are hit by the pandemic all over the world” and pointed out that there are only 15 nations worldwide that produce the vaccine and eight that “can launch satellites.”

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