Santos says he will not respond to attacks by Álvaro Uribe

The former president of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, during the first International Peace Conference convened to celebrate the four years since the Agreement was signed in Cartagena, He assured that he prefers to remain silent, in the face of the attacks of a former president who, according to him, he is on the presidential campaign.

“I am not going to respond to attacks from my predecessors, successors, and much less from a former president who is in the presidential campaign (…); At this time it is better to follow that advice of the United States Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who just died, who said that at certain times in the Supreme Court as in marriage, you have to play deaf and this is the appropriate moment to be deaf, faced with certain attacks and give instead a message of optimism “, assured.

Santos spoke after former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez had spoken of the demoralization in which the members of the Military Forces find themselves.

“Psychological insecurity in many soldiers and policemen it leads to fatal errors. Santos undermined the morale of the Armed Forces; politicians contribute, ”he said.

Uribe’s publication on his official Twitter account It happened after the death of Juliana Giraldo, a trans woman that he was killed by a soldier who fired his rifle at the vehicle in which the victim was traveling, in the municipality of Miranda, in Cauca.

Uribe also assured that the “Narco-terrorism and the prohibition to properly combat it increase demoralization ”of the members of the Public Force and“ affected the efficiency and transparency ”.

On the other hand, during his speech, Santos recognized that President Iván Duque is committed to the implementation of the peace accords.

“I celebrate that this week at the United Nations the president of Colombia before the whole world reiterated something that he has been saying, which is his commitment to the implementation of peace, if that materializes, it is an exceptional situation to unite the country, to have bridges even though it is highly polarized. It is a golden opportunity, which we Colombians should take advantage of for a true reconciliation ”.

He also added that “I have no desire to participate in politics; I am longing for my first male grandson but I think the country has that great opportunity to have those bridges and May the dove of peace continue to advance in Colombian territory, which is what we need most ”.

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Meanwhile, Santos continued to highlight his meeting with Pope Francis in September 2017, when he was in the country.

“When Pope Francis left Colombia on his last visit, he took the dove of peace and I gave it to him telling him that that dove had to fly alone because peace is not the peace of a government, of a president, it belongs to all Colombians. Four years later we are seeing that this pigeon is still flying and that no one, despite all the attempts, has been able to stop it and it will continue to fly, “he said.

He also highlighted the strong support that the peace agreement has received from the United Nations (UN) and the international community and said that this has allowed the agreement to remain firm.

“The UN Security Council has supported this process like never before with other processes. There is not an event since the creation of the United Nations 75 years ago that has had as many unanimous resolutions of support as the Colombian peace process by the security council. The last one was yesterday when the mandate of the verification mission was extended. There is permanent support from that security council, ”she said.

In his speech also highlighted the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in accompanying the transitional justice system.

“This is an agreement that continues to generate immense interest from the world integer because it contains a series of clauses that had not been presented in any other peace process, which makes it sui generis; there are multiple universities around the planet that are looking for us to explain how we made the agreement to replicate it in other situations. This week the president of Afghanistan is requesting a call for us to explain some of the mechanisms that we introduced in the agreement to be able to replicate them in their peace process with the Taliban, ”Santos said.

He said the most important thing is that victims for the first time are the center of negotiation, their rights to truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

“This is the first agreement in history where an insurgent group negotiates with the State a special justice and decides to submit to it. That had never happened. That Special Justice of the Peace is working properly, others say it is too slow, but let’s not forget that the court that took the least amount of time in the world to issue a sentence was in Yugoslavia ”.

In that sense, he pointed out that the Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, it is fulfilling the purpose for which it was created.

At the same time, the former president assured that it is an achievement of the peace agreement that the former FARC commanders are acknowledging that they committed crimes in the midst of the internal armed conflict, which lashed the country for more than 7 decades.

“We have seen the guerrilla leaders begin to recognize their crimes, something that the national and international community asked of them”, affirmed, noting that Pastor Alape recognized the recruitment of minors in the middle of the war.

Santos assured that It is not true that ex-combatants are taking up arms and violence. “It should be noted that the vast majority of the members of the Farc continue in the process (…). There is no such thing that the members of the Farc have returned to arms as they have said in a wrong and perverse narrative. The so-called dissidents or deserters from the FARC that we knew from the beginning were dedicated to the drug trafficking business, continue the same, “he said.

In that sense, he added that “from the beginning We knew that characters like Gentil Duarte and Jhon 40 were more drug traffickers than guerrillas (…); They did not take refuge and are recruiting young people who were not from the FARC. So it is not true that the FARC are returning to arms, the vast majority are in the process, even recognized by the government itself ”.

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Santos acknowledged that the assassinations of social leaders, ex-FARC combatants and the massacres have become an obstacle to the implementation of the agreements.

“The main problem It is the murder of social leaders and former members of the Farc However, there are instruments such as the National Guarantee Commission that is supposed to be chaired by the President of the Republic, with the communities at the national and territorial level, ”he indicated.

However, he maintains that armed violence always appears at the end of peace accords and measures must be taken to stop this type of event.

Finally, he said that the peace agreement is shielded and protected by the international community.


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