Santos vs Querétaro (2-1): The Warriors left the bottom of the table

Mexico City /

Three points that help to climb places. Santos tonight beat Queretaro with a score of 2-1 thanks to the actions of Josecarlos Van Rankin and Octavio Rivero, plus a great game of Brayan garnica. The Warriors they were penultimate in the general table with five points, but this victory places him in eleventh place with eight units.

Minute 14 of the game and immediately those of the County They put the proposal of the game and showed it with the goal of Josecarlos Van Rankin. The defender annihilated Gil Alcalá with a tremendous shot, although the goalkeeper of Roosters he failed on his way to try to prevent the ball from piercing the nets.

The attack continued, but the visitors began to wake up and increase their level of danger with constant arrivals to the Santista area. One of them ended for the better, well Fernando Guerrero scored the maximum penalty after the lack of David andrade on Gonzalo montes.

Hugo Silveira He was the one who received the maximum penalty and put the tie in the cards by deceiving Carlos Acevedo perfectly well, who leaned on his left side and the forward queretano sent the ball to the center.

Once the rest time passed, the 22 players returned for the complement. Once again, those at home showed their initiative to attack with Diego Valdes and Brayan garnica like the playmakers. The minutes passed and Queretaro He balanced the scale looking for the somersault. Guillermo Almada took note and pulled out Julios Furch to give input to Eduardo Aguirre, because the forward was not at all attentive in the match.

The distraction of those led by Alex Diego leave it to Garnica free and in partnership with Rivero they began to move more towards the rival zone. Thus came the final 2-1, the former Atlas served his partner in a great way for a shot that ended at the bottom of the nets.

Without more, Santos added his second victory of the tournament to move up places and place in the eleventh rung after being in the lower zone of the general, while on the side of Roosters seem to come down after that surprise victory and thrashing over América on Matchday 5.


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