Santri fights to death in Tangerang, starting from the toilet

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A student at Tangerang died after fighting with his friend in the neighborhood Islamic boarding school. The fight started from the toilet in the victim’s room.

The incident occurred at the Daar El-Qolam Islamic Boarding School, Jayanti District, Tangerang Regency, Sunday (7/8). The student who became the victim was BD (15) from Tanjung Burung, Kosambi.



“It started with the perpetrator going to room number six, the victim’s room, the goal was to ask Dimas (a friend). After that the perpetrator pushed the bathroom door, it turned out that the door hit the victim, then the victim was angry. After coming out of the bathroom, they immediately started fighting,” said Cisoka Police Chief AKP Nur Rokhman in Tangerang, quoted BetweenMonday (8/8).

He explained that a number of students who witnessed the fight immediately tried to break it up. However, the victim’s anger towards the perpetrator still continues. The victim continued to talk so that the perpetrator was provoked by his emotions.

“Finally, the perpetrator went back into the room to beat the victim. At that time the victim was wearing clothes, the victim was beaten and kicked,” said Rokhman.

As a result of the violence, the victim immediately fell. The perpetrator then left the victim in the room.

“The victim immediately shut up after the incident, because he felt a headache and he slept,” he said.

At around 13.30 WIB, his friend reported to the caretaker of the Islamic boarding school that the victim was unconscious in his room.

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“Then the witness checked into the students’ room and after checking, it was true that BD was unconscious, and was taken directly by his caregiver to the Gita Farma clinic,” he said.

Based on the testimony of witnesses, the victim was unconscious after fighting with one of his colleagues.

The police immediately stepped in to carry out further investigations. Several witnesses were examined. Police also conducted an autopsy on the victim to determine the cause of death.

“The victim’s family has made a police report at the Resort Police and the victim’s family is also willing to do an autopsy,” he said.

Cisoka police officers, Tangerang Police, have examined six witnesses related to the incident.

Normal Walking Activity

After the incident, the activities of the Daar El-Qolam Islamic Boarding School continued normally. The students carry out activities as usual, both routines carried out by students / junior high school students and by high school students.

Likewise, the activities in the Indonesian Dormitory at the Islamic Boarding School, including activities in the cooperative in front of the school, provide various needs, such as visiting the parents of students.

“Even though we still don’t want this incident to happen, yesterday’s activities after the incident/incident to this day continue to run normally,” said the representative of the Daar El-Qolam Islamic Boarding School, Ahmad Idrus, to reporters in Tangerang, Monday.

He said the incident did not interfere with teaching and learning activities at the Islamic Boarding School.

According to him, this is the first time the fighting incident has occurred at his Islamic boarding school, so his party will evaluate the supervision of the students.

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“We are as much as possible to tighten supervision in romance, as well as in class. God willing, hopefully it can be resolved,” he said.


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