Sants's guards were wrong to identify the owner of the suitcase with the fake grenade

Sants's guards were wrong to identify the owner of the suitcase with the fake grenade. This morning, Mossos d'Esquadra, Adif and Renfe met to review everything that happened yesterday at the Sants de Barcelona station. According to a statement by the Mossos d'Esquadra, the security guards at this station detected the suitcase that contained the belt in the form of a grenade and stopped "immediately a passenger carrying several suitcases to carry out the appropriate checks but none of them they, these contained the object that showed the scanner ".

The bag containing the false explosives had been taken over by its owner, who had reached the platform of the AVE and had boarded the train in the direction of Madrid without realizing that the alarm had been generated on his baggage . The security guards realized that the suitcase for which the alarm sounded was not in the control area. Through the video surveillance cameras, the control point was analyzed and it was identified as a woman had withdrawn her suitcase from the stationary user, "explained Mossos in the statement.

All in all, the Mossos d'Esquadra, Adif and Renfe met this morning and agreed to review the security protocols after leaving a false explosives. According to the statement, during the meeting, the participants said that the security measures in the Sants station "work properly" and have classified "what happened" yesterday. However, they believe that accidents of this type "allow work procedures to be revised to improve and increase passenger safety".

In today's meeting it was also agreed to "improve communications to reduce the warning time in case of possible emergencies, to review the sizing of security resources at the checkpoints with the scanner and the functions assigned to the staff in charge of perform the checks ". According to the Mossos declaration, Adif undertakes to "increase the presence of private security personnel at peak times when the flow of users is more intense" in order to avoid "malfunctions" such as those on Wednesday.

Investigate the safety of the AVE in Sants, which left a false explosives

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