São Miguel registers three more positive cases of Covid 19

The diagnosed cases refer to three male individuals, aged between 54 and 74 years of age, who disembarked in the Region, two coming from air connections with the continental territory and one from the American continent.

In relation to these cases, one was detected in a screening test performed on arrival, while two had a negative result on landing and were diagnosed in the screening performed after the sixth day.

The individuals present a stable clinical situation and the procedures defined for confirmed cases, testing and surveillance of close contacts have already been taken care of by the Local Health Delegations.

Thus, so far, 209 cases of infection by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease, have been detected in the Region, and there are currently 27 active positive cases, of which 24 on the island of São Miguel, two on Terceira Island and one on Pico Island.

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