Sarita takes courage and saves the life of Franco Reyes

Jimena and Sarita They sneak out of the hacienda to attend the reinauguration of Leandro’s fashion store and although they are seen by their mother they manage to escape.

At the end of the event, the thugs hired by Armando wait to catch Franco and put an end to him once and for all, because the man he cannot bear that his wife continues to frequent him.

The guests begin to arrive, among them Óscar, Franco and Eva who attend very elegant and discredit everyone.

The Elizondo sisters arrive at the event and Sarita takes advantage of the moment to make Oscar jealous talking to several of the attendees.

Meanwhile, Juan, bored at his hacienda, goes out for a ride on horseback and ends up at the Elizondo family hacienda looking for Norma, leaning on the balcony the woman manages to see him and immediately goes out to him and although her intention was to reproach him for having entered the ranch, they end in a passionate kiss.

Juan takes advantage of ask him to escape with isHe and although at first he refuses, he ends up agreeing and they Spend the night together, after their passionate encounter, Juan asks him to go live like a real family with his son, Norma tells him that she has not made a decision yet, but she promises that she will do it very soon and returns home.

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Ruth and Eva They meet at the party and the young woman asks her to speak, there she reproaches her for her strange attitude every time she is near her and asks if something happens to her. Eva with a tear in her eyes assures him that nothing is wrong and that she only feels uncomfortable at the elegant event.

Jealous of seeing his wife talking to other women, Jimena He proposes to Óscar that they speak after the event and spend the night together in the fashion center.

Sarita decides to withdraw from the meeting and although Franco offers to accompany her, since it is late and it could be dangerous for her to leave alone, she refuses. Together they go out and although they begin to argue, the attraction you feel for each other is increasingly evident and they end in a passionate kiss.

Hergoz and Rubinsky approach Franco and they force him to his car. Sarita observes what happened from her car and decides to follow them.

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Upon returning home, Norma is seen by her Gabriela, who he reproaches him for being secretly seeing Juan again and slaps him hard, which annoys Norma and ends up revealing that very soon she will go to live with the father of her child.

The party ends and all the attendees begin to leave until only Oscar and Jimena remain, the married couple are in Leandro’s office and in a game of seduction Jimena asks him to undress in front of her, after doing so, she asks him to wait for her in the bathroom to set him up and escape with his clothes.

Sarita arrives at the winery where they hold Franco and He plucks up the courage to rescue him with his rifle.

>> Learn about the history of the brothers Reyes, three men who will seek revenge on a powerful family that brought them misfortune, but who will meet three beautiful women who will change their plans, the sisters Elizondo.

Pasión de Gavilanes, the duel between love and honor

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