Sasin, when asked about Antoni Duda’s competences, hits the journalist’s brother. He’s sorry now. “I’m sorry”

On Thursday, during an interview with St. RMF FM Jacek Sasin was asked by Robert Mazurek about Antoni Duda, the uncle of the president, who recently became a member of the supervisory board of PKP Cargo. The Minister of State Assets emphasized that during the nomination, family ties were not important, but only competences.

Above all, you have to be competent. Antoni Duda has extensive experience in working for business entities. (…) The fact that he is the president’s uncle did not help him in any way. However, the fact that he is a former PiS MP is an additional argument for taking his competences seriously, because he has not only professional competences, but also some social competences, he enjoys social trust

– said Jacek Sasin. He also added that he is opposed to nepotism. However, Mazurek asked further:

– For over 20 years, in fact, for a quarter of a century he has not dealt with [Antoni Duda – przyp. red.] related to anything, he hasn’t dealt with railways at all, right? Let’s confirm this immediately.

– Editor, I’ll tell you this. I can reflect it. As we both know, your brother is the head of the Polish Holding Real estatebefore becoming president, he never dealt with real estate management, but worked in banking, Sasin replied.

Later, Mazurek once again returned to the subject of his brother, emphasizing that he had both appropriate education and experience. He added that he, as a journalist, did not help him in his career.

Sasin apologizes to Mazurek

A few hours later, Jacek Sasin referred to the conversation on Twitter, where he posted an apology to the journalist and his brother.

Sometimes the fervor of discussion provokes unnecessary tensions. I apologize to the editor of Mazurek, and above all his brother, for the personal thread completely inadequate to the topic of today’s conversation. I am sorry that I was able to open up the field to unauthorized innuendo and false theses

– wrote the politician.

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Antoni Duda in the supervisory board of PKP Cargo

Antoni Duda (former PiS MP) became a member of the supervisory board of PKP Cargo at the end of August. PKP Cargo is a state giant that deals with freight transport.

The politician admitted in an interview with that he has no experience in rail transport. However, he assured of numerous professional successes supported by a rich CV. – For several years I worked in the industry, where I went from a foreman to a vice-president – assures the uncle of the president of Poland. You can read his full professional resume at this address.

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