Sassa de Osma and the two clothes you need in autumn

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    Having a good capsule wardrobe will make our day-to-day life easier. We usually have little time to create the look that will accompany us during the office or university day, so it is essential to have garments capable of connecting with each other, basics that never go out of style and that can be a solution for day and night proposals, in a casual or even aesthetic key sporty.

    Proof of this is the last election of Osma’s Sassa. The baptized princess of the Andes, a lover of minimalism and timeless garments, has made it clear what two designs are essential in any woman’s wardrobe now that we’ve just kicked off autumn: a white shirt and a midi skirt.

    The royal of Peruvian origin has shared a new post through Instagram in which she wears an attractive halftime look made up of a skirt midi buttoned with side pockets and light blue striped print and white blouse with pleated collar and side ruffles. Two garments as classic as they are effective that are part of the new collection of Mary of the Order, designer popular with aristocrats and royals and a great friend of Sassa herself. She is the one who accompanies him in the image published on his feed.

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    Sassa de Osma added one of the offroad bags highlights of the firm that she herself has created, Moi & Sass, which combines black and white. As a final touch and following the classic line that marks the rest of the look, she chose Mary Janes with a comfortable heel in blackand footwear that Parisians love and that this 2022 has returned to the spotlight.

    The (perfect) autumn look of Sassa de Osma with a Spanish stamp

    Sassa’s choice may simply be an inspiration for these coming weeks or it may simply serve to take note of the effectiveness of these garments and accessories. But if you really want to follow in her footsteps and choose both the white blouse and the skirt by María de la Orden you can rest assured, both are still available on the web:

    Mizou Shirt White

    Mary of the Order

    110,00 €

    Sequana Skirt Blue Stripes

    Mary of the Order

    130,00 €

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