Sassy Buzova showed her true face for her birthday: Show Business: VladTime


The singer with her request for charitable assistance has caused anger among the subscribers.

Today, TV host Olga Buzova celebrates her 33rd birthday. The singer will celebrate her birthday with her friends far from her native Russia, in the French ski resort of Courchevel. Social networks have already been filled with numerous congratulatory publications by loyal fans of the actress.

A few hours ago, Buzova published a post that showed her true face. The singer has noted that every year receives many gifts from her loyal fans and this year was no exception. Olga appealed to fans not to spend money on her gifts, but to transfer them to the charity foundation Konstantin Khabensky.

"Money transfer, this is the best gift for me and my people."– said the presenter. It would seem that Olga does a good deed, but if one grasps the essence, then for her birthday, one is only exposed to the worst side. Travel to tourist destinations, have fun at best and ask for money to donate their fans and friends to charity. The fact that he presumably donated his gifts, which could not be, does not make her holy. It's only low. If, in honor of his birthday, he had transferred the funds to the charity fund account, the holiday would not have obscured the negative reviews.

In addition, it was discovered that all previous years, the singer gladly accepted the gifts of the fans, and now does not need anything, and all the smallest and cheapest gifts of fans, including mostly poor students. With her request, Olga acted not only showed her true appearance, but also humiliated her loyal fans.

Miroslava Dontsova




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