Satan’s daughter EP.3 Chent proposes that Than Sai competes to swim with women. In exchange for not being fired

April 26, 2021, 7:30 a.m.

Daughter of satan EP.3 Chaintr (Phillips Tinroj) Chasing powerThansai (Sky Maria) Out, but then the page of black swan, there is a news unfolding that chased the clear stream out loud. Mara hit (Nong Phonsuda) Submitting an offer to give funds to silence But Shentre set a condition for the clear water to test the competitiveness of swimming withFemale (Tubtim Paranya) before

The Nilnil secretly applied oil to the jumping platform, causing the clear stream to slip down to the sprained feet. But Than Sai insists on competing Shane is not satisfied. And challenge Than Sai to compete with him Than Sai accepts a challenge An enraged woman that Than Sai embarrasses herself so plans for itVector (Kun Gospel). Capturing the clear stream to imprison it so that it cannot compete with the Chaintr.

Ploeng Phit (Jesse Kirana) Overhearing him by accident, but acting like he didn’t know Will Than Sai survive from the evil plan of Ying Nin or not?

You can watch this scene on Monday, April 26, and watch the drama. “Daughter of Satan” Available every Monday – Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on PPTV HD Channel 36.

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