Saturated Mondok, 3 Islamic Students Burn Al-Quran Tahfiz Dormitory in Makassar

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Friday, May 26 2023 02:14 WIB

Illustration. Three students decided to set fire to the Koran Tahfiz Dormitory building in Makassar because they were tired of being restricted from leaving the dormitory. (iStock/Kesu01)

Makasar, CNN Indonesia

The police named three students as suspects combustion hostel building Tahfiz The Koran is located on Jalan Hertasning, Rappocini District, Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The fire occurred on Thursday (18/5).

Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Pol Mokhamad Ngajib said the status of the arson case had been raised to the investigation stage.

“There are three suspects, namely the initials MF, MH and MA, who set fire to the house. From the results of the TKP analysis, the forensic team concluded that the fire occurred due to arson,” said Ngajib, Thursday (25/5).

The three suspects in the arson case had their respective roles, namely, MH played the role of burning palm fiber brooms, then MA and MF were in charge of buying gasoline to set fire to the school building and MA set fire to the table and entrance on the 3rd floor.

“There were three incidents of fire at the school. The first was on May 9, second, 17 and 18. The last incident was on May 18 which resulted in a big fire,” he said.

On May 18, said Ngajib, one of the suspects deliberately threw his cigarette butt towards a door on the 4th floor, causing a large fire.

“The cigarette butt ignited causing a fire. In the previous incident, on May 9, the suspect set fire to the kitchen and on May 17, the suspect poured gasoline on the table,” he explained.

Then from the results of the investigation it was concluded that the fire was deliberately carried out by the three students so that they were named suspects.

“The suspect’s motive for setting fires was because he felt bored being restricted from leaving the dormitory. These three people were students from the Tahfiz house,” he concluded.

As a result, the three students were charged with Article 187 and or 188 of the Criminal Code janointed Article 55, Article 56 and Article 64 of the Criminal Code carry a penalty of 12 years in prison.

Previously, a Tahfiz Al-Quran boarding school building was engulfed in flames by a red fire on Jalan Hertasning, Rappocini District, Makassar, South Sulawesi. It is suspected that the fire was sparked due to an electrical short circuit in one of the rooms.

“All the rooms inside were sold out, but the occupants of the house were quickly evacuated. The cause is believed to be a temporary electrical short circuit,” said Head of the Makassar Fire Department, Hasanuddin, Thursday (18/5).

The Makassar Fire Department (Damkar) deployed dozens of units of its fleet to extinguish the blaze so it did not spread to other residents’ homes.

“We deployed a total fleet of 11 units and are currently still in the cooling process. We also have no problems in the blackout process,” he said.

This incident was not the first time this had happened, Hasanuddin said that a similar incident had occurred a few weeks ago.

“Two weeks ago there was a fire originating from the kitchen, due to a stove. Today the cause is still being investigated but is suspected to be due to an electric short circuit,” he explained.


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