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Saudi Arabia supported the Sudanese Military Council

Saudi Arabia has expressed its support for the Sudanese military council, which has taken over the country's administration, according to reports by Al Arabiya TV, citing a statement by the authorities of the kingdom.

Riyadh hopes that the measures adopted by the military council "will provide security and stability for Sudan," the statement reads.

Furthermore, the report states that Saudi Arabia will provide humanitarian assistance to Sudan, in particular it will provide food, medicine and fuel.

From the coup to the coup: the story of the reign of Omar al-Bashir in Sudan

April 11, the Sudanese army announced the removal from the office of President Omar al-Bashir, who ruled the country for over 25 years. He was taken into custody, the government was dissolved and the Constitution was suspended. The country's governance for two years was taken over by the military council, led by Defense Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf. After this period, power will be transferred to the civilian government, the military said.



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