Saudi Arabia wants to be part of the development of Bangladesh, says Prince Salman


Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz showed his keen interest in the country during a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday night, Md Shahidul Haque told reporters as he boarded a flight to Jeddah from Medina on Thursday.

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia.

Mohammad said at the meeting he knew of Bangladesh and much of what was happening there.

"I want to be part of the development of Bangladesh," said the foreign secretary, citing the Saudi prince.

A Saudi delegation will soon be visiting Bangladesh to look for business opportunities.

"A decision will be made on which sector to invest in Bangladesh based on expert opinion," said Haque, citing the prince.

The Saudi prince emphasized the extension of Bangladesh's cooperation in defense, trade and investment.

"We are hoping for a large investment from Saudi Arabia," said the foreign secretary.

The Prime Minister had invited Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz to visit Bangladesh and accepted the invitation, Haque said.

Hasina emphasized the need for unity among the OIC countries to end the disputes between the members of the bloc at the meeting.

"We also want everyone to be at peace," Mohammed said in response to his observations, Haque said.

Trying to highlight the vibrant atmosphere of the meeting, he said: "When the prime minister referred to the six visits he did in Saudi Arabia since 2009, the prince joked:" You are half Saudi ".

Hasina had already met with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in the Riyadh palace.

Primo Miniser Hasina arrived on Tuesday in Sadui Arabia for a four-day visit. Countries should sign two protocols of understanding on security and information and communication technologies.

The prime minister should return to Bangladesh on Friday after executing Umrah in Mecca.



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